Hermès’ most current cost boost – November 2021

May 30, 2022

just in time for the holiday buying crush, Hermès has when once again increased its costs in the United States, for the second time in 2021 (the prior boost this year took location في فبراير).

This boost has not been for each department – at least, not yet, anyway – as well as appears to be normally restricted to silks as well as fashion fashion jewelry for now. However, with the incredible boost in demand for high-end products across the board, as well as the recent cost boost at other high-end houses, it’s difficult to believe that there would not be concomitant boosts in the other product classifications coming soon as نحن سوف.

Here are a few of the new prices:

New costs for scarves as well as Shawls

سعر جديد
سعر قديم
Prior to 2/21

Silk 90

Silk laundry 90

Silk 70

ذو وجهين

195 دولار

195 دولار

Nano 20

Silk Muffler

Silk Triangle

Cashmere Triangle

Cashmere GM
1100 دولار
لا تغيير

GM Mousseline

GM 140 Silk

GM 140 laundry Silk

New costs for Hermès fashion Jewelry

سعر جديد
سعر قديم

Plain little Clic H

Small patterned Enamel Clic H

Medium patterned Enamel Clic H

CDC Bracelet

Exotic CDC Bracelet

24 Bracelet

Exotic 24 Bracelet

Kelly pet dog Bracelet

Exotic Kelly pet dog Bracelet

Thinnest Enamel Bangle

Small Enamel Bangle

Widest Enamel Bangle

The PurseForum 2021 Hermès cost boost thread is here.

Please let us understand if you are seeing any type of a lot more Hermès cost boosts in other departments!